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Name: Abby Sciuto
Fandom: NCIS

Background:Abby is from New Orleans, Louisiana where she graduated with full honors from LSU with a triple major in sociology, criminology and psychology. She earned her master's degree from Georgia State University in criminology and forensic science. Her interest in forensics comes from living near a wrecking yard and being intrigued by the cause and effect of the wrecks.

Abby is extremely well-versed in her field of study, rarely stumped by the evidentiary puzzles which Gibbs' team present to her; she has been shown to exhibit an almost religious zeal for the field of forensics. Also, she does all the work on the evidence herself.

Abby is fluent in sign language because her parents are deaf. She calls her mother, Gloria, by her first name She has an uncle named Larry who owned a bar, a grandmother who was an Olympic swimmer and a younger brother.

Personality: A quirky technogeek, Abby is best known for her gothic style of dress, with at least nine tattoos on her neck, arms, back, ankle and other places which are only hinted at. Her style of clothing often includes short skirts and platform boots. She also states several times that she sleeps in a coffin, and drives a hearse, which has flat tires all the time. She has a happy-go-lucky attitude and a sweet personality.

Abby is a hearing child of deaf parents and likes her music loud. Abby also, similarly to Gibbs, thrives on caffeine in the form of a 'Caf Pow'.

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In one verse, she has Bonded with a selfish and secretive fire lizard she has yet to name.

Verse: Come Fly With Me After the Doctor(dalekkiller) appeared in Abby's lab, she took on a new role: as a Companion.